Amit Shah gets major relief in Soharabuddin case

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New Delhi : Special CBI court in Mumbai has given a clean chit to Amit shah in the Sohrabuddin Shaikh murder case of year 2005 as well as the Tulsiram Prajapati murder case. Shah was discharged in the case after the Special CBI Court held that there was not enough evidence presented against him by the CBI.

The CBI had accussed Amit Shah of being involved of the conspiracy to kill Sohrabuddin, his Kauserbi and the witness Tulsiram Prajapati. He was also accussed of destruction of evidence as well as booked under the Arms act.

In discharging Amit Shah from the case, the Special judge M B Gosavi upheld Shah's claim that the call records submitted by the CBI which showed Shah in frequent phone conversations with the accussed police officers could not be held as evidence as Shah was the Home Minister and there was nothing untoward in him being in touch with police officers.

The family of Sohrabuddin was angry with the verdict and said that they would appeal against the order. " We are quite unhappy, we respect the court, however we would appeal to the High Court and if need be go to the Supreme Court also.

The CBI has been used by the government to ensure that Shah gets a clean chit. The CBI is just a parrot."said Rubabuddin brother of Sohrabuddin outside the court.

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